Sunday, April 26, 2009

4 Kids, 3 Dogs, and 2 Cats

After the race, we headed to Eric and Kristen's to stay the night. They have great property out in the country and the kids were so excited to play together. Of course, the three racers could barely walk, so we just vegged out and watched the kids play on the swingset.

Eric finally mustered up the strength to grill up some steak (which were mighty tasty). We fed the kids first and took them upstairs to play while we enjoyed some "adult time". YEAH RIGHT!!! Within minutes, we heard a scream from upstairs which I quickly recognized as Tate. It wasn't a normal, "He won't share his toys with me" cry, so I immediately jumped up and ran to the bottom of the stairs. There stood Tate at the top with blood coming out of his mouth. Now you can only imagine, my thoughts at this point, "Where are the teeth?" I envisioned us all crawling around on the floor looking for remnants of the tooth that used to have residence in the hole in his mouth. Thank the Lord, he did not lose any teeth in this accident, but he did bite through a nice chunk on each side of his tongue. No permanent damage done, but apparently a superman jump from the bed results in face first injury. OH BOYS! Gotta love 'em!!!

Despite, the minor mouth injury (he's fine now...just a swollen tongue!!), we had a great time visiting. The kids had a great time playing with each other and the pets. The adults didn't mind their time on the back porch in the rocking chairs either.

Run, Daddy, Run!

This weekend we headed to Louisville, KY where Robbie, Eric (college best friend) and Nonny competed in the Derby Run. Words cannot express the pure pride I had for my husband as he crossed the finish line in his FIRST half marathon. The kids were screaming his name and jumping up and down, Robbie's parents were quite sure he wasn't going to make it and I was fighting back tears...yep, me...fighting back tears. I guess because I knew how hard he had worked and because I know how much being competitive in something means to him and because it is such a HUGE accomplishment.

Now, I'm not going to brag on my guy too long, but considering this was his first ever competitive race, I was simply AMAZED at his performance.
He finished in the top 25% and just a few minutes over his original goal. And man did he look hot...all sweaty and tired crossing that finish line.

Of course, I now feel incredibly motivated to do something. I think I'll buy a bike...of course after I finish my cookie dough :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Calling All Bloggers...

Maybe I don't have enough time...

Maybe I'm not interesting...

Maybe I'm just plain vain...

But when I go to other folks blogs, I always see this big, long list of blogs they follow. Which leads me to my newly recognized, not intentional rule of thumb when it comes to blog control...

1. I only follow blogs of people I know...

2. I am only interesting enough to be followed by those same people...

Now, I have to say I've taken a gander at perfect strangers' blogs. I'm intrigued by cool blog names like Daisyeyes, and Mr. B's Bloggery and I confess to what my friend Amberly so nicely named it, "Blog Spies". I take a peak, read their inspirational thoughts and leave before anyone sees me. I suppose I could get more involved...more accepting, but I'm not quite sure how to.

So...then she goes and names me on her top 7 list. I don't even have a top 7. I'm sure that there are 7 folks out there that I would really connect with, but who has the time? Anyway, the rules are this:

I first must post a picture of the award for you all to use later:

I then must list 7 things that I love (besides the obvious...Jesus, husband, and children):

1. Olive Garden Alfredo Dipping Sauce

2. 80's music

3. Organization

4. The color red

5. A boatride on one of the Finger Lakes

6. Driving with my windows down

7. My back deck

Next I must list my 7 (or five in the case of this snobby blogger) favorite blogs:

1. Amberly...she's the one that started today's brainstorm. She has such a practical view of parenting and I love to hear her latest adventures.

2. Meghan...A girl after my own heart...we are too much alike. She's a much better writer than I am and she inspires me daily.

3. Brooke...Probably my most authentic blog connection...didn't really know her well until our blogs...a friend of a friend that I feel like I know so much better now that I get to share in those "special times" in her writing.

4. Arlyne...An old friend from college who just started this blogging thing. She has always had the most unique perspective and now I get to see that through her kids.

5. Kristen...Well...let's just say Kristen struggles in the blogging department since Facebook has come on the scene, but I'm holding on for great things from her.

And finally I must let all of my "Kreative Blogger" award winners know which I am getting ready to do by a comment on their blog. Speaking of comments, one final note that was struck by AK herself. If you enjoy what you read, feel free to make a comment. Sometimes I feel like I might be talking to myself...I probably am :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Room for Improvement

I'm good at several things...I'm not's just a fact. I can multi-task like nobody's business, I make a mean apple pie, I organize better than the "Clean Sweep" crew and I'm a really good hostess to my guests. Something I'm NOT so good at is keeping plants alive. Every spring, I always plant my little container gardens and sometime in early summer they die. Does this discourage me? Nope. Right back at it again this year....and now the kids are loving it too.

We bought several flowers and of course included some lilies. The kids loved planting them and even remembered to water them today. And I think you'll agree...the final product is beautiful (even if it only lasts a few months).

The Greenway

On Friday we took the kids to the Greenway to ride bikes and have a picnic. They had a great time riding and asked to go again all weekend. I think Tate is getting close to taking his training wheels off and Lily will need a bigger bike soon. There is only one more notch to raise the seat and then she's too big for it. Our time on the Greenway made me decide to buy a bike. Robbie and Connie have spent so much time running there but I have never been able to enjoy it because of my 80 year old feet. If I have a bike, the possibilities are endless. I think as the kids are getting older, we'll be spending many afternoons there. Sorry for the strange glare in the pics...I had it on the wrong setting...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Lives!

I remember growing up in my dad's church...every Easter we would sing "At the Cross" and "He Lives". I always hated Easter in NY because we had to wear turtlenecks and sweaters with our pretty dresses. One of my favorite parts of Easter was dinner at Grandma's. Since it always fell close to my birthday, Gram's would make my favorite meal, Pepper Steak and Twice Baked Potatoes. This year, I tried yet again, to recreate some of my favorite memories from childhood to build traditions with my own kids...

Everyone hunted for their Easter baskets and were really excited about what was in them (love Lily's mismatched outfit here)...

We dressed up in our finest duds and headed to church to sing the best Easter hymnals and celebrate the death and life of our savior...

We hunted Easter eggs filled with money...

And best yet!!! I think I actually duplicated gram's meal. I was pretty impressed with the spread! It made me feel like I was home...except it was much warmer here :)

Tie Dyed Eggs

Everyone aproned up and dyed Easter eggs together. They turned out really great with an Auburn egg for Nonny, a UK egg for Daddy and a tie dyed number for me. I'm not quite sure what we'll do with the eggs now since none of us eat them, but it sure was fun to decorate them.

BFF's Sort Of...

This past week, our friends, Jamie and Matt came in to visit from Michigan. We had two girls' nights and a couple of family nights where the kiddos could play together. Now...we all know what can happen when there are 7 children under the age of 7. They got along (most of the time) and even all went to bed in three bedrooms...What a miracle!!! I really wish they lived closer so we could enjoy this time more often, but it sure was great to see them...

Surprise for Mommy!!!

It's a family trait...we all come upon it honestly from soon as she tries to tell a non-truth or keep a secret, she gets this squirrly look on her face that makes her look as guilty as can be. Same with my mother and same with me...I can keep a private secret, but I have a real hard time with the surprise gifts. I like to give them as soon as I buy them...that's why I have to wait until right before Christmas to shop. That way I don't give away all the secrets. Unfortunately, Tate doesn't stand a chance because Robbie is exactly the same way so it came as no surprise when Tate broke the silence and told me about the "egg" and "cup" that he and Bobo had painted a few weekends ago. Igglers brought the pics this weekend to share with us....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Off Roadin'

Well, not really, but we sure did have a great time riding around in Nonny's new Jeep today. The kids were super excited to see how the "seats sat on top". When Connie called on her way, the kids ran upstairs to get a hat and asked me to make them a water bottle. When she pulled in the driveway, we were ready to go!


Three Dog Night

Ten hours of sleep in two nights does not suit an old lady with two kids...but man did I have a great time! The finale of birthday month ended with a game of round robin on on the back deck and some dancing to Bon Jovi...oh God what do the neighbors think? I can not tell you how amazing my friends are.

As Miss Metro NY Youth Camp 1992 (true story...might make the book!!), I would like to present some awards...

The Bleeding Heart Award goes to...Kendra

She's the counselor of the bunch and has the biggest heart of anyone you'll ever meet. She saves a little piece of the world everyday.

Miss Jubilee goes to...Stef

Or Best Orphanage Director, Miss Hanagan as we have endearingly named her...Our cruise director...she sees to it that there's cake, birthday quizzes, and of course, dancing...

Most Not Envied goes to...Lea

Except we were all so jealous that she is still so freakin' tiny at 7 months...there always has to be one...our preggers gal who has to sit around and watch us all be ridiculous and wonders how early is too early to leave and go to bed???

Miss Non-Congeniality goes to...Heather

And then there's one whose in a bit of a funk and this weekend it was Heather...hope you're feeling better soon, girl. AND I DON'T CARE WHAT JAMIE SAYS ABOUT YOU!!!

Furthest Traveled goes to...DUH!!! That would be Jamie...

Yep all the way from Michigan and the girl's got chops! She stayed up as late as the rest of us...even after traveling 11.5 hours with three kids BY HERSELF!!!!

And Most Improved goes guessed it...our new baby mama Mish

I'm here to tell ya folks she's one heck of a mama...even offered to take care of my kids this morning while I slept in. And Miss Anabelle...she is a piece of heaven right here on earth (although her mother calls it high maintenance)

Yep...I'm blessed...but let me tell you, I'm not just blessed...I'm doubly blessed...cuz this guy...

THIS GUY let's these ladies come and invade his house. Heck...he even takes care of their kids if needed. And I would like to go on record to say if he's complaining about it, its not to me! Nope he treats them like his troop of extra wives (yep...just what he needs, right?)

A celebration of life, love, and happiness (and of course, some Bon Jovi, too)...just what I needed! (Insert Smile)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

NBJ...Second Verse...Same as the first...

The 2nd night of the Naughty Button Jubilee was a back porch festiganza complete with a Naughty Button Quiz and all four children going down to bed within 1/2 hour of each other...What a miracle! I have to give huge props to my husband for winning the quiz. He got the highest score on the quiz with 18...coming in a close second was Mish with 16. She sure gave him a run for his money. I think my favorite answer came from Robbie to the question..."What was Autumn's 1st boyfriend's name?" His answer? BEEFCAKE FOOTBALL GUY!!! All be it wrong! He forgot my mullet-sportin', 1st kiss givin', Def Lepperd singin' 4th Grade lover (in a 4th grade sense of the word) who I had every intention of marrying. Here are some pics of my lovely ladies in our outdoor den...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Gas

I am the worst mother in the world! I'll just go ahead and admit it and get it out of the way. Last week, Robbie took the kids for their six week dental check-up and we had the worst news! A CAVITY!!!

So yesterday I took Tate to the pediatric dentist to get it filled. He told me at the exam that they would try to do it with "happy gas", but if they couldn't do it, we would have to bring him back and have him sedated. He also said that depending on how deep the cavity was, he might have to get a silver cap instead of white filling. can only imagine my horror! I then felt guilty about being more worried about the silver cap than the sedation.

Well I'm here to testify that miracles to happen. The hygenist said that Tate was "perfect" except for the slight cry when he didn't like the taste of the numbing creme. When we went to the car, he immediately started crying...

When I asked him if he was in pain, he cried, "No...I just don't know how long I have to keep this cloth in my mouth and I don't know what it looks like and I don't know why my face feels so funny." Poor guy...he can't handle not understanding things.

A little comforting from sissy and things were all better...

(Sidenote: Don't ask what is all over my seat...Better get that cleaned up before the hubby sees it!)

A treat from Target for being such a good patient...

And even better...NO BLING! THANK THE LORD!!