Saturday, August 30, 2008

Moving Mountains

It seems like ages since we first started talking about moving from our house. It has now been on the market for 13 months and Thursday we received an offer. Pending a home inspection, we are set to close on Sept. 26th. We are so excited and are now in a mad dash to find somewhere to live in Chatt town. We found two that we love and are meeting with a builder tomorrow to talk with him about finishing some unfinished space in each of them and hope to make an offer on Wednesday after our house passes inspection. Keep us in your prayers! We need them!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Time

Since we have been so busy with everyone else's lives for the past few months, we decided to spend some time with just our family (and Connie too) this weekend. On Saturday, we headed up to Gatlinburg to do a little outlet mall shopping for the adults and go-kart riding with the kids. The ladies found a lot of great deals and Lily bought another pair of flip flops which she was ecstatic over. The boys headed over to the NASCAR racetrack to take on the go-karts. In Tate's words, "We had a blast!" To end our little mini-trip, we went to the Apple Barn for some apple fritters and sweet tea. Of course, we ate until we were about to bust. Tate had a "I haven't had a nap today and its after 9:00" meltdown as my dessert arrived...which I probably didn't need anyway. As I was loading him into the car, telling him that he needed to stop crying, he said between tears, "I can't settle myself down". And so the drama king speaks again...

Today we hung out at home and then decided to take a picnic to the park and let the kids play for awhile. The highlight of that trip was Lily's excursion to the top of the climbing wall (with daddy spotting, of course). We were all so shocked that she was brave enough to try. She is really coming out of her shell! We plan to do a little of the same thing next weekend before Robbie's UK season tickets kick in and he is out of town most Saturdays. Wow! I think I need a hobby...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camp In?

Last night we headed down to Jamie's dads' house on the lake. The intention was for the boys and dads to camp out while the girls and moms slept inside...what a deal, right???? We put the girls down to bed pretty easily and then zipped the boys in the tent and told them not to move. After several pillow fights, squabbles, and one broken flashlight, we finally got the boys to bed. The adults ended the evening in the hot tub and then headed to bed. This morning we woke up to the six boys sleeping in the living room. Apparently the sprinklers kicked on around 1:30 a.m. and drenched the entire tent. Let's just say I think it will be awhile before Robbie ventures out the campsite again...

Bed Buddies

Jamie and Matt's last weekend in town and we exhausted every hour of time. Friday night everyone came over here for pizza (kids), Rummy (moms), and BAGGO (dads). The kids loved the pizza and ended the night with bathtime and stories for all. Once they were asleep, we enjoyed some adult time on the back deck.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


On Sunday, Tate decided he wanted to have a pic-a-nic (as called in the O'Bryan household). I told him I didn't really have any picnic food, but he didn't really care. So there we were, on the front lawn, snacking on pretzel sticks, pickles, peanut butter and crackers, fruit snacks and granola bars. Lily tried to catch the moment on camera (hence the picture of me with no head).

Revenge is Never Pretty

So it goes like this...Tate is sitting on Connie's lap talking about going to bed. Connie decides to throw Tate in the pool in his pajamas. Tate cries. Tate solicits help from David to throw Connie in the pool. Connie goes in pool wearing jeans. Aut grabs camera while Tate points at Connie saying "You're all wet, Nonny!!" What a blast!

Slumber Party

The other night the Mlinarich kids came over to watch movies at the house. I don't know how much watching went on, but they sure had a good time at the "Pajama Party". Let the memories begin...

The Start of School

You can tell mama has been tied up with the start of a new school year. I think this has been the longest time I have gone without a recent post. I am sad to see summer over, but we have tried to fill the weekends with some fun. Jamie and Matt have been in town from Michigan and the kids have had a great time playing with their kids. The kids are growing so a matter of fact, this is how I found my daughter last week. She was in search of a Skittle after a successful trip to the bathroom. I went upstairs to get something and she pulled a stool over and climbed up. She's gathering confidence and testing boundaries daily. Gosh...I love those kids.