Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Bay

Every night when we get home, Lily runs upstairs to get Bay. We have established parameters that she can not have it at the dinner table or outside. The picture is how I found her tonight deciding whether to drop Bay and go outside or stay inside with her best companion.

David Beckham

Tonight Nonny took Tate outside to play some soccer. He came running in the house to let me know how many goals he was scoring. He had learned to trap the ball and score goals. He was so excited!!!

Uncle Duck and Jaqi

On Sunday we drove up to Philadelphia, TN to see Uncle Duck and Jaqi. We enjoyed a nice meal with Jaqi's family. Even Bobo drove down from Cookeville to see the kids and Duck.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bowlin' Babes

Last night Tate asked us if we could go bowling today. After a busy day of shopping, housecleaning and planting, Robbie, Connie, the kids and I headed to Galaxy Bowl to bowl a few frames. The kids really love it...believe it or not, Lily beat Tate by 10 pins. Just as we were finishing our games, Cosmic Bowling started. The lights went down, the music blared, and the disco ball turned. As we were leaving, Tate informed us all that we were supposed to stay and "Dance and Party" all night. What a trip!

He's Got Moves!!

Tate's favorite shows are American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Apparently he has been watching them a little too closely because he has now started to add some hip action to his dance moves. If you remember, he was a breakdancer, but he has now added some hip-hop moves to the mix.

Green Thumbs

Spring has sprung and my little gardners decided to help me plant some flowers today. Lily had on her gardening gloves and beaded necklace. Tate was in charge of the trowel and my floral visor. They were quote the sight. After we planted the flowers, they each took turns watering them. I am so lucky to have such great helpers...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cousin AJ

We just got this adorable pic of my nephew AJ and his new haircut so I thought I should include it on the blog. Apparently Momma Heidi cried during the whole haircut. What a doll!!!! Can't wait for the new baby to arrive!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mini Me

There's something about a daughter...my mom always told me, but you can't possibly comprehend until you have one. Today was a day that I fell in love with her all over again. She is growing into such a precious little girl. She has well blended characteristics from her daddy and I. She is stubborn (I think that one is from both of us). She is completely potty trained at school and only needs a diaper for naptime, but has yet to use the toilet at home but a handful of times. Today I took this pic in the bathroom while I sat in there talking to her for 10 minutes...trying to convince her that she needed to use the potty. Immediately after getting up from the toilet, she ran into the living room, leaned up against the couch and wet her pants. Oh you've gotta love it. She is playful (I think this one is mine!). After her reaction to the bubbles yesterday, I went to Target and bought her a bubble maker. She had a big time running around the yard chasing after the gazillion bubbles. She is content (she definitely gets this one from her daddy). There are times where she will sit in silence with you. Yesterday she sat on the front porch with me for 10 minutes while Tate ran around the yard with a neighbor boy. She was perfectly content to just "BE" and that is one of the things I love most about her daddy. I know there will be a time when her playful, sweet nature will be masked with adolescence but until then I will cherish those moments of "I want to sit with Mommy" time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chasing Bubbles

The kids and I had so much fun in the front yard tonight. We had a great time chasing bubbles! Lily was just laughing and jumping all over trying to catch one. Tate just kept trying to tell sissy how to do it. I'm so glad spring has sprung!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jiminy Cricket

Tonight we were outside and Tate was very perplexed by the sound of crickets. He then proceeded to explore the front yard to hunt them down. I can't wait for lightning bug season.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Great Race

Mamie and Pops bought the kids bikes for their birthdays. Well they haven't really had a chance to ride them with all the rain that's been hitting us lately. As soon as the kids got home from Kentucky, the first thing they wanted to do was get their bikes out. Tate is actually getting pretty good despite our slightly slanted driveway (he hates the ride uphill!). Lily just sat on her bike getting a nice push from daddy. She complicated things by pushing the pedals backwards causing the brakes to lock up. She seems to like the velcro on the Princess Pad and the tassels hanging on the handlebars more than the actual ride. I suppose she'll get the hang of it eventually.

Where's Mommy?

This weekend Robbie ventured to Kentucky with the kids...yes that's right. I had to stay here for a job recruitment fair while he took on parenting alone (with the assistance of his mom and dad, of course). He went to the Kingland Race in Lexington while the kids spent some quality time with Mamaw and Papaw. Apparently, they enjoyed a sing-a-long of Ole McDonald on the mini-piano and lots of food. I asked him to take some pics once he got there and these are the best of the bunch. Photography is not his strong suit, but man is he a good daddy...