Sunday, September 28, 2008


The kids waited anxiously for daddy to return from the UK game with Bobo. When they woke up from their nap, he was here and all they wanted to do was cuddle with him in the bed. Eventually we headed over to the park to run some energy off. They had a great time on the rope swing and the slide while Nonny and I played a competitive game of badminton.


Lily decided to try the swinging ropes at the playground today...




Truvy's Salon

Well my daughter's new hobby is a painful one. Anyone that walks in to our house with any length of hair is subject to her pulling and yanking hair into a rubberband. She says she's "prettying" you. I think I have another word for it...its called torture!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


You are beautiful today and always...Wish we could be there to celebrate your birth...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Throwback Tuesday

This week is spirit week at school and I decided to dress up for one day. With the help of Stef and Kendra, I was able to borrow a poodle skirt and letterman's jacket. And of course, I have Robbie's class ring on my finger to show my adoration for my one guy...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lily Bean Gets New Jeans

Yesterday while the boys were working, the girls went shopping to pick out some new jeans for Lily. It was a special trip because she has been asking to get some new jeans for quite some time. The child keeps growing so quickly that I can't keep clothes in her closet. She is almost as tall as her brother and wears the same size as he does. Anyway, we picked up three pairs of jeans and she was so excited to put them on this morning. She wanted everyone to see her backpockets because of the sparkly buttons. When I tried to snap a picture of her, she immediately turned around for a picture of the back. I can see visions of a long legged, photogenic, spirited girl taking pics of her new blue jeans. WOW!!! Might be too much for daddy to handle...

Mamaw & Papaw Come to Visit

Robbie's parents came down this weekend to help us do some work on the house. The kids always love it when they visit. Mamaw doesn't get any sleep...Friday night Tate woke her up three times during the night so last night I put Tate on the floor in my room so she could get some rest. Wouldn't you know it...Lily came in to wake her up at 5:30. They just want to get all the mamaw time in that they can...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Robbie's mom bought him season tickets to the UK games. What this means for me is a half a dozen Saturdays with no husband. Today was the Connie and I took the kids to Chatt town for a day of fun. We started the day at my godson, Cameron's football game. He is now the quarterback and I can not believe he is so big. It made me proud to watch him.
After the game, we headed to our favorite pizza place downtown. We then went to the Discovery musuem. The kids had a blast. Tate had a hard time deciding which area he wanted to stay in and finally decided on the waterplay area. Lily had a great time climbing around the indoor playground.

After a couple of hours there, we talked them in to walking down to the river to get some ice cream. It was a perfect day. We have all put our PJ's on and are laying around on the couch now for movie night. I miss Robbie, but I have loved this time with the kids.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mama's Away

This weekend was my annual girls' weekend. Robbie was supposed to go to the UK game on Saturday and the kids were going to visit mamaw and papaw. Due to everything that happened with the house, Robbie decided he wasn't up to making the trip. So...while mama was enjoying her spa day, poolside relaxation, and games of trivial pursuit, daddy was at home trying to maintain sanity with the two kids. Hmmm...I wonder if I'll get any sympathy while he enjoys those UK season tickets. We'll have to see about that...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ups and Downs

Well its been a rough 24 hours. We found out yesterday that our buyers were considering walking from their offer due to our home inspection and something to do with the heating and air unit. This afternoon we finally got word that they were backing out of the deal and sent us a copy of the home inspection. As we were reading the report, Robbie and I were just shocked, partly due to the amount of money it was going to take to fix the issues, and mostly thinking that we would never be able to sell this house. During our mope fest, our realtor called us to give us some interesting information. It appears that the inspector created a bogus company and just happens to be the BUYER'S daddy. Yep...we got railroaded. Now, due to the fact they had a licensed heating and air guy at the house, they can still back out of the deal and have done so, but at least we don't have quite the "Money Pit" we were envisioning earlier. So...we're back to square one. Girls' Weekend couldn't occur at a better time!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Life As We Know It Is Over

Last night, the terrible twos took over for a brief lapse. Lily picked up my camera off the counter. Just as Robbie told her to put it back, she turned and spiked it on the floor. Needless to say, the camera is no longer working (except for these grainy pics Robbie took last night as an attempt to get it working). While in timeout in her bedroom, through tears and broken words, she said, "Big boys don't throw cameras." Looks like with new house also comes new camera.

Chutes and Ladders

Bobo and Cami came in on Sunday afternoon to watch some football and spend some time with the kids. The afternoon ended with a fierce game of Chutes and Ladders. Cami admitted to cheating after she won the game. Tate was just thrilled to beat Bobo.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Longing for companionship in the backyard to play BAGGO, Robbie took the kids out to teach them how to play. Lily was chucking the bags from behind the line while Tate was draining threes from the end of the board. They loved it (and daddy did too!)