Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Book of Stef

A few weekends ago, Robbie and I had a wonderful night of dinner and the theatre featuring our favorite thesbian, Stef.  She was the lead in the play, The Book of Liz.

Michelle and Allan even drove up from ATL and Kendra's new beau visited from Tampa.

We had a great dinner at Taco Mamasita and then enjoyed watching our dear Stef as the star of the show.  Afterwards, we headed to Mudpie for some tasty desserts.

Looking forward to Stef's next play at Lee. 

The Mooneys Take Over Cleveland

I hate to equate my family with the Beverly Hillbillies, but they do have one similarity.  The town is never prepared for what the Mooneys bring for the invasion.

This year's family reunion was in of all places, Cleveland.  So, the family (without my mom and dad) came down to enjoy some of the local sights and sounds.

I apologize in advance for my lack of pictures, but I did manage a few from our trip to Rock City. saw it right!  That was my son rock-climbing.  I don't think he would have been brave enough if it weren't for his two older cousins going first, but I was super proud of him and he almost made it to the top!

Grandpa had a fall in the shower and ended up staying at the hospital for the night, so we missed out on several of the family festivities.  It was still great to see the fam.  Looking forward to next year in NY!!!!