Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Bobo

When we were younger, our parents let us pick the place we wanted to eat for our birthday dinner. This was always excrutiating because the boys would always pick Chuck E Cheese or Arbys. Gotta love it!

I remember one year Rusty decided to branch out and go to Red Lobster. I think he had watched a commercial and thought it looked like a fun place. I will never forget the look on my father's face when he ordered lobster!!!! It was second only to the look that Rusty gave the waiter when he delivered his lobster and Rusty realized that it was an actual living thing at one time. He was traumatized and I think dad finished the lobster for him since he decided it was "cruel" to eat it.

Tonight, we drove to Knoxville to meet the new Willemsens for the first time since the wedding. The kids were super excited to celebrate Bobo's birthday. It was a special treat because RobBob actually let the birthday boy pick the venue for his birthday celebration. No...not Red Lobster...CARRABBAS (and of course some birthday ice cream afterwards). Below are some pics (Note Lily girl's cute new hair cut)...

Happy Birthday Bobo! And as Tate would say, "You're my MAN OF MANS!!!"