Sunday, November 30, 2008

UT vs. UK

On Saturday, Robbie and I headed to Knoxville for our annual Tennessee vs. Kentucky game. The kids stayed in Kentucky with Mamaw and Papaw for an extra day. We had a great time with our tailgating gang despite the cold, rainy weather and Kentucky's inability to score a SINGLE touchdown. What a joke!!!

Turkey Hunt

We just got back from our Thanksgiving trip to Kentucky. We had a great time with the was especially nice to see Adam & Erin. We haven't seen them since they moved to Michigan in July. Some of the highlights from the trip...
Decorating Mamaw's Tree

Goin' on a "Turkey Hunt"

Dinner at Giovanni's

Freezing our tails at a high school football game

Hanging Christmas Lights with Papaw

Playing in the Playhouse

Spending time with family

One unphotographed event was Erin and my shopping trip that started at 3:00 a.m. on Black Friday. Let's just say we almost had a fist fight in the electronics section of WalMart. Everyone thought we were nuts (which we probably are), but we found a lot of great deals and started a yearly family tradition.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where are the pictures of Bobo?

Well...we went to visit Bobo this weekend and I just went through the pics and realized I didn't have one picture of him. This is partially because the batteries died at the beginning of his game, but also because the adults (excluding me) didn't feel much like pictures this morning due to a late night on the town. For the first time, I'm so glad I stayed at the hotel and tucked the kids in so I got a decent night sleep.

Just because there aren't pictures of much, we still had an event-filled time visiting Uncle Bobo in Cookeville. We started our stay in Cookeville with a stop at Jersey Mike's for our favorite Chicken Philly Cheesesteak. After, Nonny and I took the kids back to his place for naps while the boys headed to shoot around. I made my first mommy blunder here by waking the kids up after an hour nap to head over to the football game. NEVER wake up two already tired children from a very peaceful and hard slumber...not good...actually quite a nightmare.

Once we got them out in the freezing cold, they finally stopped crying (or their tears froze!!!) and we headed over to TN Tech to meet Rusty and Robbie to go to the football game. One of our former players from my high school is now playing there. As soon as we walked up, he fumbled on a play about 8 yards from the endzone. I told him later that night that I might have cost him a touchdown...I'm not great luck!!!

We grabbed some dinner and checked in to the hotel before heading over to the arena for the game. Once we got to the game, there was lots of excitement.

Tate won a dance contest at the 8:00 timeout. We didn't believe he would actually do it in such a large venue in front of so many people, but he didn't hesitate. It was so great...

that we should have videoed it, but dad...

forgot to re-charge the battery in the video camera, and mom...

forgot the pack of batteries for her digital camera (that can take a less quality video) in the hotel room (otherwise known as mommy blunder #2)...

In the meantime, Lily was scared stiff of the Golden Eagle that was wandering around the gym talking to all the kids. As a matter of fact, she informed Robbie that she told that "Balk Balk to GO AWAY" and it did.

Nonny was the big winner...she won 52 single combos from Wendy's in the Meal or No Meal contest.

I would love to tell you about mommy blunder #3 and #4, but they involve me pulling over on the side of the road and getting out of the was a rough trip home. We had a great time and were so glad to spend some time with Bobo. Sorry we didn't get any pics but he looks exactly the same...kinda doofy with boogers hanging out of his nose :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Turners!!!

Sunday we went to celebrate the birthday of the Turner children. The kids had a great time at the arcade and in the bouncy slide. It's great to see our kids growing up together...

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well after several lectures about keeping the blog up to date, I decided that or no camera...I had to post. I do have a reason...I am in mourning. A few months ago, Lily dropped my camera on the floor instead of handing it to daddy like he asked her too so that leaves me without camera. Now, Connie has been kind enough to let me borrow hers so I've been able to add some things, but its not the same. I'm still sad...

However, tonight...I was not sad...I was far from sad. As a matter of fact, I was laughing harder than I have in a long time. It started like this, after baths, Robbie took the kids up to read books and tuck them in. Oh wait...I need to go back a few days. The past week, Lily has decided to be difficult at bedtime. Now, this is not characteristic of her for three reasons: #1 TimeCHANGE...everyone knows that "fall"ing back means kids are easier to get to bed earlier #2 Lily LOVES to sleep...anything that compromises that just doesn't happen...#3 It's La-La Lily for God's sake, she isn't difficult about much. So, it has kind of thrown me for a loop as she lays under her bedroom door calling for MOMMY!! The past few nights I have gone upstairs to find her crying and saying she has to go potty and wash her hands OR saying she needs to wipe her nose OR saying she can't find her "Bay". Neither here nor there is the excuse, but it all leads to a longer time getting to "adult" time than I prefer.

Robbie's been out of town for a few days, so when we all sat on the couch to watch Extreme Home Makeover, I have to admit I smiled inside when I heard it from the top of the stairs....that beautiful word that I have grown to love...its melodic tone dancing down each step as if it had a life of its own..."DADDY....DAD-DEE....Daddy, daddy, daddy...Da-dee...da-dee...DAD-DEE" At which, Robbie turns toward me and says "Your turn." I smiled (on the outside now) and said, "My darling, love of my life, you must have forgotten that you have just returned from a weekend of football in Kentucky. I think you owe me a few 'turns' ".

So he heads upstairs and opens the door, "Lily, what is the matter?" To which she responds, "I WANT you."'s where he made his mistake...Robbie in his effort to solve the problem attempts to negotiate with a three year old girl who has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Connie and I burst into laughter when we hear the final statement, "But daddy...I want you ever, ever, ever."

Needless to say, less than two minutes later, Robbie comes trapsing down the stairs, daughter in tow. I am not sure how long "ever, ever, ever" is, but apparently it's at least until 9:30.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Lord's Day

One of the benefits of living in the southeast is the delay of winter which includes mild weather in November. Being an upstate NY girl, cold weather and I have a mutual disdain for each other. Today was a perfect Sunday...usually my Sundays consist of this

Now...I wasn't that lucky...I still had to tackle laundry and groceries, but we also spent the day outside enjoying the weather

Cleaning the garage

Helping Nonny wash her car

Washing our own cars

Getting sprayed by Nonny with the hose

Playing Football

And Chatting with our neighbor

We also gave Max a bath and made some homemade salsa, but didn't get pictures of those. Now, I am sitting on the bed surrounded by folded clothes. I should put them away, but I'm still distracted. Heading upstairs to read books instead...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Treat Thief

Yesterday was a crazy day...Robbie and I took the kids up to watch Nonny's team in the state championship game. The kids had a great time and were so proud to cheer on their Nonny. Unfortunately, the team lost in the semi-finals so we packed up and headed back. En route, Tate asked me to call Robbie (who was driving the other car). He then informed his daddy that he didn't want him to steal all of his treats like he did last year. When we got home, I rushed around to get the kids ready and we headed out. They were both so cute with Tate running around wishing everyone a Happy Halloween and Lily clanking around in her high heels. At the end of the night, the kids had two big bags of candy and even shared some with daddy...