Saturday, October 17, 2009

Uncle John's Cidar Mill

What is a cidar mill, you ask? Well it looks something like this...

And also includes a pumpkin patch, corn maze and some pretty yummy cidar. On the road tomorrow...farewell blogging friends...until next weekend :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Not So Midnight Almost Madness

Every trip things seem to be easier. I'm not sure if its a change in my kids, a change in Robbie and I or if we've just become comfortably numb...but 2009 has been a great year of travel for our family. This trip has been no different. This morning, Erin left to go to work, the boys slept in and the kids and I laid in the living room and watched cartoons. I actually fell asleep on the couch while the kids chilled out watching tv until 10:30...there are no words!!!

We then showered up and headed to meet Erin for lunch. After lunch we did a tour of Lansing and then headed to the mall for a bit. We came home to let Ace out before heading to the outlets for the evening. Now, if you calculated that, it naps for either child. I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the big kaboom...

After the outlets, we headed to BW3s so the boys could watch the livestream of Blue Madness for KY basketball. You can imagine how strange they looked hovered over their laptop in the middle of the restaurant. To make themselves look even more ridiculous, they were using Lily's pink earphones so they could hear it better. Isn't that a statement? I wished I had snapped more pics, but this is all I got.

About 9:15, I decided to stop testing fate and take the kids to the car and wait for the rest of the gang. The kiddos were just tucked into bed about 30 minutes ago.

I can only hope the Cider Mill and Chuck E Cheese go as well tomorrow. feels so great to blog again!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

And Then There Were Holes...

Just like that...I mean it was just a matter of moments, my precious, sweet, baby girl joined the club. She had been asking for months and I told her that if all went well, we could do it for her birthday. So tonight was the night my beaner went from toddler to woman...well not exactly. But she did get her ears pierced...devastating enough!

She was a real trooper...didn't even flinch.

And she is so proud of those things...I couldn't get her to go to bed tonight. She kept asking me if they were falling out. Oh...its gonna be a LONG journey with this one :)

We are so excited to be in Michigan to visit Uncle Adam & Aunt Erin.
We even got to have a double birthday celebration with Adam & Lily.
Stay tuned for more pics later this week.


Despite the rain, we had an enchanting afternoon at the Enchanted Maize for Lily's 4th birthday party.

A big thank you to these guys for withstanding the "not so ideal" circumstances.

Slick Vick and her Main Man, John

Melissa, "Skeletor", and Ryder (in belly)

Mish the Fish & "Anagail"

Heather and Zach Tack

Bran Flakes, Robey, Beetle Bug, and Baby Bryce

The Dirty Librarian, Gage and Stella

Nonster & Tateman

Arlyne & Brayden

MAC, Eli, and CaseFace

Bobo & Igglers

Le-Le & Tucker

Making guest appearances but not pictured were IMOM and LouLou Rude. The guests were real troopers through the "scattered showers" and the bad traffic getting there. And in the end, the enchanting butterfly princess was grinning from ear to ear.
A big thank you for making her 4th birthday a special day.


I have been blessed in my life with an amazing set of grandparents as you may remember from my posts here, here and here.

Well my kids have been the recipients of the same blessing thanks to these cats:

Allow me to introduce...
Kids love playing on the floor with her.

Kids love going for lunch at McDonalds with him.

Kids love baking cookies with her.

Kids love going on the bread truck with him.

This month the kids' schools celebrated Grandparents' Day. This posed a bit of a predicament since all of the grandpeeps live so far away and the mean age of our "adopted family" is 32. Mamaw & Papaw came to the rescue for Tate's picnic. He was so proud to have them visit his school. Of course, we forgot the most important thing...A CAMERA!!!!

Two weeks later when it came time for Lily's event, she informed me that Nonny would be her guest. And leave it to Nonny, ole girl takes a day off from work and goes to hang out with the elders. What a trooper she is! She manages to snap some pics from their day together.

We are looking forward to the holidays with all of the grandpeeps and the visit from Mamie and Pops in January!


It's that time bag lady is givin' away the goods. Click here and post a comment by Monday the 19th and you too can be eligible for a KMAC Custom Design. Lord knows I love mine!
P.S. And yes...MAC...this picture will continue to haunt you for years :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

La La Lily

Music means a lot to me. It seems every moment that has meant something in my life can be connected to a song. It brings me intense joy to see my daughter love music as much as I do. Tonight her daddy and I presented her with a "Mix Stick"...her very own MP3 player already loaded with some of her faves: Hannah Montana, Rascal Flatt, and Zach Brown Band. Robbie and I found ourselves laughing out loud in the car as we listened to our four year old daughter sing along to the words from the song "I Wish." She didn't nail all of the lyrics, but she sure did belt them out with gusto...right or wrong.

So, in honor of my baby girl's 4th birthday and her love of playlist of my most memorable moments with you...
1. I Could Not Ask For More (Edwin McCain): I remember dancing with your daddy at Uncle Red's wedding to this song and crying my eyes out. I was 6 months pregnant with you and felt such pure joy at what a beautiful life God had given to me. I chose this one because it was the moment I realized we were a family. It was as if you had completed us.

2. Daydream Believer (The Monkees): I was 9 months pregnant when a new line of commercials came out with an "IT" mascot walking down the street. Nonny would sing to you in my belly and change the words. Hence, the legend began and every night since then, you have sung with us...Cheer Up Lily Bean...This song will forever hold a special place in all of our lives because of who you are to this family. The joy you bring to everyone you encounter, can not be overshadowed. You are a breath of fresh air.

3. Applebottom Jeans (TPain): Yep...your Nonny again. She decided that once you started walking, you needed to start dancing and you definitely needed some flavor in your life. Before long you knew every word and even emphasized them by slapping your hand on the floor and shaking your hips. I chose this song (as inappropriate as it is) because it shows your sassy side. You may be sweet, but we all know that you will spend your life "adding flavor" in every adventure you have.

4. Butterfly Fly Away (Miley Cyrus): This song you share with your daddy. I took you and Tate to see the Hannah Montana movie, not sure if either, one or both of you would like it. One day, you sat on your daddy's lap and told him that you wanted to sing this song with him, like Miley had sung with her daddy. Of course his heart melted. This past weekend we attended a wedding and you got him again when you said, "Daddy, will you walk me down the aisle when I'm a Princess Bride". You and your daddy have such a special bond. I know that bond will carry you through to being the amazing woman you are destined to be.

5. Me and My Gang (Rascal Flatts): This is another song that has been in the family for a couple of years. I have always loved it when you and Tate sing the chorus at the top of your lungs, "It's a brother and a sister kinda thing." Tonight, while you were listening to your mix stick, your daddy and I beamed as you leaned over to hand one of the headphones to Tate and said, "You wanna listen, Tate? This is our song." We had no question what song that was. I pray daily that you and your brother stay as close you are. Your love for each other reminds me daily how I should love others.

So, to my girl...Beanut...Lily Kate...Sissy...Lily Bean...Daughter of Mine...

I say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Of course sung with gusto!!!)