Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dancin' with the Stars II

Well we all know my son loves to dance and loves the show, Dancing with the Stars even better. Last night while Connie and I were watching the show, Connie caught this on her video phone. The quality is not great, but I think you can get the idea. That kid cracks me up...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gift of the Year

So My Bag Lady came to Lily's party yesterday with the entire clan and gave my daughter this great gift. It's lots of doo-dads and gadgets to sort and play with....the kids have played with it twice and LOVE it!!!

Costume Fashion Show

So this week I was digging through Tate and Lily's old costumes when they decided they would try them all again...BIG or SMALL...

Tate is modeling his first costume...the LION...he would make the ROARRRRRR sound...so cute...
Tate is now modeling Lily's 1st Bumble Bee costume. Actually it was her second...her 1st she was two weeks old and I think wore pumpkin pajamas...

Lily is modeling Tate's spider costume from two years ago...this one is probably my favorite.

Tate is modeling (not so enthusiastically) his giraffe costume from last year. I'm not sure why he was less than enthused to put this one on...maybe he never wanted to be a giraffe...who KNOWS????
Lily is modeling a Pumpkin Pooh costume...don't think either one ever wore this one but it is a cute one...takers anyone???
Nope...didn't wear this one either...where do I get all these spare costumes?????

Fall Princess

Yesterday we had Lily's birthday party (a few weeks late due to the NY trip). It was a beautiful TN fall day so our favorite room, the back deck, was the perfect setting for our mini fall festival. Fifteen costumed littlebits (parents in tow) came to celebrate Lily's third in style. We enjoyed some mummy dogs, bat tortillas, putrid punch with gummy worms, and spider web cakes.

After eating, the kids filled their treat bags with some fun activities: Donuts on a string, bean bag toss, treat relay, and pumpkin decorating.

Lily had a wonderful time and was really good at chowing down on that donut.
A huge thank you to my wonderful girls who helped set up, clean up, take pictures, and entertain the munchins...I wouldn't get by without you. What a blast!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disney on ICE

Nonny bought Lily tickets to Disney on Ice so we decided to take the whole family. The kids wore their monogrammed Mickeys compliments of My Bag Lady. At first, Lily was scared of the characters just like at Disney world but once Ariel came out she loved it. We were not good pre-planners and forgot to bring cash. Of course, just our luck the card machines would not read our bank card so we were unable to buy anything at intermission. Needless to say we ended up at the gas station on the way home buying smartfood and chocolate milk.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday AJ!!!

Yes...we eat at Pontillos ALOT while I am home. Tonight we met the fam at our favorite pizza joint for another birthday celebration. It was a great time to see everyone before we leave town. The kids loved the pinball game...Tate actually got pretty good at it. Happy Birthday to AJ today!! I am so glad we are here to celebrate with him!!!

The Elders

Yesterday Lily and I spent the day with both sets of my grandparents. We started the day at Tom Wahl's at lunch with Gigi. After that, we went with Gigi to visit PopPop in the hospital. They were so cute. Grandpa kept looking around Grandma to watch Lily. When Lily would notice, she would peer around Grandma and smile real big at Grandpa. They were so sweet. After we left the hospital, we picked up Mimi and Pipi (aka Ma and Pa Kettle) to run errands and go the doctor. Grandma had some wax buildup (hence the doctor's appointment) and Grandpa is hard of hearing so the two of them spent the drive yelling at each other, literally. When we stopped at the gas station to get a drink, Grandpa decided to get out and get a coffee. On the way in, he muttered under his breath, "maybe a donut too". I said "Sure Grandpa, how often do I get to treat you to a donut?" Once inside, he stopped in front of the food and said, "I really like pizza." Needless to say, I got him the pizza. What a trip!!! I don't get to tend to the grandparents often so it was a thrill to do so.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Heart NY

Just some pics of the place I love during my favorite time of year...I sure wish the winters weren't so brutal or I'd live here in a heartbeat...

Watering the Trees

So today during our hike Tate ran behind the trees to take care of business and Mamie caught it on camera...

Happy Trails

Well the trails were happy for the most part, but towards the end they were more like whiney trails. This morning we took the kids on a hike down the creek trail in Rushville. They had a good time despite wanting to stop regularily for snacks and drinks. Fall is in full form here so it was a great setting for some awesome pics. I think we tuckered em out...they are both still napping (lucky mom)!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Big Cheese

Today we had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for AJ and Lily. It was so great to celebrate their 3rd birthday with my family. I always miss the milestone celebrations (which my family has regularly) so it was nice to share this one with them. The kids had a great time...good pizza, tasty cupcakes from Wegmans, and lots of tickets won. We brought home two tired peeps and lots of great pics (not to mention memories).

My Little Bean....

Today my sweet little girl turned three. I can remember the day she was born so vividly...I remember Robbie sleeping on the couch in the hospital and me throwing a cup at him during a strong contraction, waiting anxiously to see if my mother would make it in time (she didn't!), my mother-in-law trying to take pictures as everything happened so quickly...all of them are such beautiful memories, but the one I remember the most was when Tate walked in the room and saw his baby sister for the first time. The little smirk on his face (the one that is just like his daddy's) was so sweet and adoring, I just melted. It was as if they were connected at first sight. Even now that they are older, they have such a precious relationship...I couldn't ask for better siblings. Lily makes me feel loved in a way that is like no other. She climbs up in my lap, fingers in mouth and Bay in hand and its as if the world stops. I am so blessed with this beautiful life that God gave to me and although at times its hard...I know that I am raising two beings that will change this world. I hope to have some small role in that...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pops' Bowling Alley

Aunt Mims bought Tate bowling pins and a ball and it was all he could talk about the whole way home. So...as hard as he tried, Pops could not get out of it before going to bed. So the bowling alley opened in the living room. What fun!!!

Grandpa Ike

Earlier last week, my grandpa was taken to the hospital with pneunomia. On the way home from their house tonight, we stopped by to take him some apple pie. He was very happy to see us and even more excited about the apple pie. After we left, Tate decided he needed to go upstairs and ask him how he was feeling. So...we went back up the elevator so Tate could sit bedside with PopPop and ask him if he was feeling better.

Gigi and PopPop's

We took the kids over to my grandparents house tonight to cook dinner and enjoy some quality time with the family. It was great to see Gigi, Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Brian and Debbie, Aunt Becky and Jade, Red, Heidi, AJ & Jaxson and of course, Mamie & Pops. The kids had a blast playing outside and riding the "Ranger" over the hill while the adults ate way too much chicken alfredo and homemade apple pie. That place gives me such an intense feeling of nostalgia. It is one of those places that is deeply connected to my soul. I was so happy to share it with my kids today...