Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Beetle Bug!

We had a great time at Baylee's birthday party. We rode down with Heather and Tate just loved the DVD player and headphones in Heather's Pacifica. The kids jumped around in the inflatable castle and played in the gym. Lily finally got into the jumparoo and had a great time. Beetle Bug Baylee was quite cute as the princess for the day. It was great for the kids to get a chance to play together and celebrate the life of Baylee Jo.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Paris Hilton

In anticipation of Baylee's birthday party, Lily woke up from her nap today and came downstairs dressed in her best "Diva" (see picture to the left). She had on her hat, scarf, pink sunglasses, purse, cell phone, and her stuffed white shitzu, Ali. Robbie and I had a hard time keeping a straight face as we took pictures of her. We told her she was like Paris Hilton with her pink sunglasses, cell phone, and faithful pooch. When we arrived at the party, I was sure she would at least lose the hat since it really wasn't that cold outside. No way! She kept her Diva on for most of the party even while eating her cupcake. She finally allowed us to take it off before bathtime. Oh I can't wait for the teenage years!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Go Team!

Everyone makes fun of me when I refer to our family as a team. I guess there is so much athletic blood running through our veins that it only seems right. Most nights we will play a game with Tate before he goes to bed. Today we decided to let Lily stay up later and play in game night too. I gave the kids a bath and got their pj's on. They insisted to wear their team jerseys (see photo). We played Domino's, a gift from Lea for Tate's birthday. The kids were so cute. Lily kept picking tiles and counting 1-2-3. Tate wanted to make sure that everyone played by the rules. In the end, Robbie and Tate beat Lily and I twice, but it didn't really matter...a tradition was born tonight!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pepperoni or Cheese?

Today we had the best 4th birthday party ever! We had a "Make Your Own Pizza" Party. Although we had many kids that couldn't come because of illness, we had a great time. The kids just loved making their pizza (and the grownups didn't mind it either). We gave them each an apron with their name on it. Erin (Adam's fiance) won the award for best pizza dough spreader...not to mention Birthday Brownie Maker! It was great to have Bobo and Cami, Mamaw and Papaw, Adam and Erin, Nonny, The Moores (our neighbors) and Melanie. Tate is one lucky guy to have so many friends.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Heart Swells

Michelle told me the other day that I need to write about my's starting to look like Tate's blog. However, today I am going to have to write about Tate again because it's his big day. Four years ago, I was laying in the hospital bed after Robbie left for his game and my parents went home. I remember looking at his squishy face scared out of my witts about being a mother, but at the same time feeling such a peace...a completeness like I had never known. It was the first time I had cried all day. And I watch him sitting on the floor playing with his blocks, I am so proud of the little boy he has become. He might be the funniest person I know (besides Michelle, of course) and is so bright. He is a wonderful big brother, loving son, and kind-hearted friend. I don't know how he ended up mine, but I know my life will forever be complete with him in it. Happy Birthday to my sweet Tate.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Let Birthday Week Begin!

Anyone that knows me...knows that a birthDAY is not just a DAY but should last for many celebrations. While we were in NY, Tate had his first birthday celebration. Every month my mom's family gets together to celebrate all of the birthdays that month, so they gathered around at our favorite local pizzeria and help Tate bring in Year Four in style. As the snow and wind blew outside, we enjoyed some yummy Wegman's cake and the best veggie pizza you could ever consume.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Break Dancin' Ring Bearer

This weekend Tate and I travelled to New York for my Uncle Dennis' wedding. Tate was the ring bearer and of course the ham of the night. Connie has recently taught Tate how to breakdance in our kitchen. They spin around on our kitchen floor while I cook dinner. I had no idea that Tate would use the wedding as his first official dance showcase. It started at the rehearsal where he started rolling around on the floor. After we left, I asked him why he was rolling instead of walking down the aisle. He said "Nonny told him he'd be dancin' at the weddin' ". I then informed him that the dancing would come after the serious part when he walked down the aisle. On Saturday, I had several pep talks with Tate where I reminded him that he needed to stay on his feet during the serious part and he could dance after he had cake. He sat patiently outside the room where the wedding was going to take place. When it came time to walk down the aisle with Skylar, he got so embarrassed from all the attention, he put the ring pillow over his face. Once he got to the end of the aisle, he sat down and squealed in delight and started to spin around on his butt...just like his Nonny had taught him. Needless to say, there was nothing I could do at the point, but to have a good chuckle and tie his shoes on tighter for the real dancing that was yet to come after the cake.