Sunday, February 14, 2010

That Boy...

I could go on and on...

But I won't, other than to say...

That boy...he's gonna change the world someday. Happy 6th birthday Tate! So glad you were born today!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And I Moved Away...Why?

This winter has been exceptionally brutal. Here are some pics from our recent snowstorm:

As you can see, the kids and daddy had a great time playing in the snow (while mommy stayed inside and made some soup). It wasn't long before I had some company...
We're expecting another hit this weekend. Lord help me!!!

Moldy Bread

We have all done it. Found some bread stashed away in the back of the bread box...and what else do we find? The bread is no longer bread. It's lost its freshness and its wonderful smell. It is now all shades of green and blue and harder than a rock. That's right...its been taken over by mold and must be thrown away. It can no longer serve a purpose for you.

Fortunately, memories are not like that. The greatest thing about this blog is that it has no deadline and accepts me as I am...pajama pants and all. Sometime I forget this lack of expectations and think I am letting it down...allowing it to mold and become useless. But thankfully, that is not the case. I can sit here, in Robbie's chair, organizing my pictures from my camera and realize that I have a missed a few blog posts and guess what! I can log on, upload pictures, and tip tap away on the keyboard and its as if it happened yesterday. As if it were never forgotten about in the back of the breadbox. So here we go...

There's nothing like family. There really isn't. I am so tremendously blessed in that area, but it doesn't come with some heartache. That's right...HEARTACHE! You see...the more you love someone, the more your HEART ACHES when they are not around.

That's why this visit was so special. After our trip to NY, we were blessed to have mom and dad ride back with us to visit for 10 days. It has been years since I have been able to spend that much time with them. My kids loved every second of it. They baked cookies, played the Wii and learned about birds with Pops.

About a week into the visit, we headed over to Bobo's to catch some TTU games and celebrate Bobo & Igg's engagement.

Although we were sad to see them go, we felt so lucky to have them visit for so long. Can't wait for wedding month! It's gonna be great!