Sunday, October 24, 2010

Game Day Eve

I love Thursday nights.  Its not every Thursday, but by random selection, certain Thursdays are more special than others.

Soaking beans...
Diced tomatoes...
Slow cooked...
Added spices...



to be in a state of subdued or restrained activity

Every Friday home game, we gather at the lunch table at school to celebrate Game Day.  It is a great way to end the work week and catch up with each other in a subdued, but brief encounter.  Each one of these "special" Thursday nights, I love to come up with a creative recipe to bring to work.  On this particular Thursday night, I was super proud of my chili, born from a bowl of soaking beans and some tomato paste. 

After 6 hours on the stovetop, it was even better poured over a hotdog at lunch the next day.  Yummy!


A Name for all Seasons...

I remember that moment distinctively.  I was looking out our apartment window on Parrish Street crying my 1st grade eyes out.  My mom was genuinely concerned since it was not like me to cry.  I finally fessed up and told her the reason for my sadness.  "Noone will ever want to marry me," I blurted through my sobs.  "I have the most stupid name of all names."  At least that's what my classmates had convinced me of.

Cooler temps...
Oranges and yellows...
Crisp air...
Soul awakening...



a time of full maturity, esp. the late stages of full maturity

We all know the traditional meaning of my name {the season between summer and winter},  but I really love the second definition.  This time of year, my soul moves in a way that feels organic.  It is a state for which I know will pass, so I cling to it so as not to let it leave too quickly.  It feels miles away from the little girl who lacked confidence or vision, for it is in these months that I find the most clarity.  I wouldn't say that I have reached "full maturity" (although I do see a few more wrinkles on the picture above), but as my mother would say, "my cup runneth over."  Maybe finding that man who didn't mind my "stupid name" has something to do with it.


P.S.  Picture compliments of my dear friend, Heather, who is starting a new photography business.  What better place to build her portfolio than at girls' weekend with a group of distinctively unique girls?

Back in the Saddle

Like I've said many times, women are better mothers when they are first better women.  I firmly believe my girl time is essential to my life.  It never fails to come at just the right time.




to bring back into existence, use, or the like; reestablish

After two long days of work, I found myself longing for my kiddos and my couch.  I found my word surrounded by blankets and hugs while watching Food Network.  It takes awhile for me to settle in...but this time, my little love pockets found the perfect way to reestablish this woman.  I was now ready to take on the little person at a time.


Pen and Paper

Well its been almost 3 weeks since I've blogged, but I have remained faithful to my commitment to words.  That's right in the most rustic of forms, I have taken to the ole pen and paper.

So to close up my Fall Break, I thought I'd catch my readers up...

The return from Girls Weekend always leaves me quite conflicted.  On one part, I am fulfilled and on the other, I am exhausted.  My mind feels as if it is split in two.  Part of me wishes I could go back to the circle of trust and the other part of me is happy to return to my "normal". 

I didn't have much time to recover.  My first night back, I had a board meeting.  I arrived a few minutes late so I duck into a seat behind the sound booth.

Power Strip...
Microphones Off...
Duck Down...



the act or faculty of attending, esp. by directing the mind to an object.

Yep...right there in the board meeting...all eyes on me.  And my attention?  Sitting somewhere between my kitchen table and Nashville, TN.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Country Song

I have always loved a good country song.  It started as a young girl with my appreciation for Tammy Wynette.  It seems country music writers always use the best words in their lyrics.  In honor of our recent girls' weekend in Nashville (the home of country music), allow me to find my best words to introduce the following...




something given special attention

Heather is a woman who has her priorities in line.  She models everyday what it is to be an exceptional daughter, wife, and mother.  She has more grit than your average gal and is not afraid to get things done.  I am blessed to call her friend.




having acute mental or emotional sensibility; aware of and responsive to the feelings of others

Jamie is the friend I have the most in common with.  Before she moved to Michigan, we spent our Saturdays in thrift stores and junk shops. She is a beautiful soul and I miss her everyday she is not here with me.  I know, however, that distance will never separate us and that we are buds for life.




the keen perception and cleverly apt expression of those connections between ideas that awaken amusement and pleasure

Talk about a girl that has changed my life...I remember meeting her for the first time in the laundry room of my freshman dorm.  Make no mistake...there is no reason in the world that we should be friends.  We are as opposite as night and day.  But something about Autie and Mish just clicks and almost 20 years later, we're still hanging on tight.  (And a special hoorah to my girl featured here getting offered a pretty amazing job...crossing my fingers for you, girl!!!)




to defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, etc.;

That beautiful lady is something else.  She is strong, intelligent and will give anyone who crosses her path a real run for their money.  But the thing I love the most about our "dirty librarian", is that she is fiercely loyal and will put anything on the line (as we heard with one of her childhood stories this weekend) to make things right.  I sure am glad she is on my team.




an essential or distinctive characteristic, property, or attribute

Anytime I think of this treasured lady, I simply take a deep breath and sigh.  Lea has a beautiful way to calm me and remind of the person I strive to be.  Although I don't get to spend as much time with her anymore, I know that a simple glance and slight smile is all I need to refocus.  She is a beautiful soul and I am so glad she has chosen me to be her friend.




to furnish or adorn with something ornamental or becoming; embellish

Michelle's baby sister, Melissa, joined us this year for the weekend.  She is a pure joy to be around and absolutely hysterical.  The thing that I love about her is that she makes the world a more beautiful place by humor, growth, and a little embellishment. (Sorry about the lack of pic here...I couldn't get the one I had to work!!!)




any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling

And last but certainly not least, is my girl, DDKeeks.  This lady has been a major change agent for me over the past few years.  She loves, she listens, but most importantly...she lives!  And I am so glad I get to live this life with her in it.  She's one special girl!

I could use multiple words to describe me after my wonderful weekend, but I will narrow it down to a few...

Simply Humbled...
Simply Blessed...
Simply Loved...

Thank you girls for changing my life one more time.  I breathe easier and with more confidence after my 48 hour therapy session with you.



Yesterday could not have been more perfect.  I was surrounded by words and quite honestly had a hard time determining one that was more impacting than the others.  At the end of the day, I was surrounded by it and couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Best Dress...
White Linens...
Fine Food...
Circle of Friends...



to bring together or assemble from various places, sources, or people

It never fails.  Whenever I am with them, its like the first time.  A few hours passed as we sat around the table laughing, crying, and enjoying each other.  I consider it my extreme honor to gather at the table with them.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

To say this time is important to me is an extreme understatement.  I have been blessed for over half my life with an amazing network.

Beautiful women...
Weekend retreat...
Filled up...
Simply loved...



a complete series forming a connected whole

11 years ago, we started a tradition that has been life-sustaining.  Every year during the fall, my college gals and I head off to the destination of choice to refill, relate and refocus.  We know this is not something that all are blessed to have and we cherish the true organic nature of our friendship.  Time, distance nor simple experience can impact the treasures in which I call friends.


From His Eyes...

That boy of mine has a gift.  We are not quite sure where he got it from, but I know his talents will take him far.

Open house...
Art display...
Proud creator...
Adults grinning from ear to ear...



the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship

I am a sucker for details.  I have to spend most of my days in the "big picture" world so I revel in the moments that I can pay attention to the little things.  Now, if you look closely at my son's picture of me, you see two prominent circles right below my very large ears.  There are some classic punchlines that one could insert here and trust me we have well covered this territory. 

Actually, according to my dear friend who specializes in play therapy, this perspective shows that he sees me as one who nurtures and one who listens.  I think I prefer that explanation more than the punchlines. 

There is one small, teensy detail in this picture that one might miss.  The conveyance of this detail is the one thing that I want as part of my children's perspective when they think of me.   Carefully placed on my left ring finger..the symbol that is my primary role in this lifetime.  I am so glad he didn't overlook that one...


Time Out for Two...

With a night of pampering behind and girls' weekend ahead, I wanted a night out with my love.  And of course, we remember from here that I have a certain affection for the final course of the meal.

Mid-week date...
Time out for two...
A few sighs...



to give oneself to the enjoyment of

To give oneself is what I did.  I took enjoyment in the moment to look in his eyes, hold his hand, and enjoy the final bite of dessert bliss.


My gift

I have to tell you I'm extremely blessed.   I've always known that I had something special, but over the past two years, it is revealed to me daily.

Hard day...
Welcome home hug...
Have a seat...
Dinner on the stove...



to treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence, kindness, or care

I was whipped and he knew it.  So I spent the night on the couch getting caught up from a brutal week while my dear hubbs and kids treated with extreme kindness and care.  I am so lucky to have them on my team.


Kappa Delta Pi

I received an invitation a few weeks ago for an event to "Honor Educators".  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but it seemed like something I probably should attend.

Teachers' Sorority...



the privilege of being associated with or receiving a favor from a respected person, group, organization, etc.:

It truly was my "honor" to be surrounded by a group of current and future educators.  As I sat and listened to rites of passage, I remembered my own journey.  I am not quite sure how I got here, but there is one thing I know...I have been called to this profession and as hard as it is, this sense of purpose guides my every step.